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oceans apart, day after day ...

::email to Kevin::

Good morning, sweetheart.

It's just just barely after sunrise here, and I'm already on the set. We had a very early call today, but that means we get out earlier. I'm looking forward to that. ::laughs::

You've been on my mind ever since you left. Baby, I know how difficult that was for you, believe me, it was just as hard for me. But thank you for trusting me, for doing the right thing even though I know it felt so very wrong. Things have changed so drastically for us that sometimes my head swims and it's all so strange. You're my life Kevin, my soul mate. We've spent so many years taking our love for granted and now that our realities have crashed in around us, it's making it so hard.

When everything looks hopeless, remember how much I love you, how much I'm behind you in what you're doing. Don't think about the distance, think instead that every day is one day closer to us being together again. We'll make the best of the time we have, and then we'll count down the days again, and before we know it the day will come when we no longer have to be apart.

I hope that as I send this you are sleeping, getting some rest. I pray that your time with the guys is productive and that you feel the same spark as always when you sing. I love to hear you sing, and every night I listen to the cd you gave me. It's silly I suppose, but it helps me feel as if you are here.

I love you, Kevin. I love you with all my heart. I'll talk to you soon, baby.

All my love forever,
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