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Teething babies, and hormonal teenagers.

takes her glass of wine, her phone, and herself out onto her patio, where she sits down...relaxing for the first time all day.

The girl's have been a handful, Jamie's been fretful, and Trace has been mia.

Angi, and Mari are upset because they can't reach Alex. They've left messages for two days now, and he's not responding. It's very odd for him to do
that, he tends to return calls immediately, no matter where he is, or what he's doing, but not this time.

Jamie is teething, and just when she could use the help both his dad, and his step-dad are unavailable. Alex is who know's where, and Trace had to go to the ranch for some sort of ranch emergency.

Lu looks up into the nightsky, glad to be out of the city enough to be able to see stars. Leaning back she rests her head on the cushion, takes a sip of wine, and once again wonders why she's alone. She has an ex-lover, who is her baby's father, a new husband, who is willing to take on her whole family, and yet she's alone.

And lonely.

Ernie ambles out, sits beside her chair, and looks up at her in doggie bewilderment::

I don't know, Ernie...go see the girls, they're locked in their room probably plotting how to take over the world and rid it of parental figures.

::When the dog doesn't take the hint, she lowers her hand to rest on his fuzzy head, and scritches his ears::

So, Ern...how do you feel about a colder climate, huh, buddy? I've been thinking about going back home, at least for awhile, and you'd be able to run around on the beach all you want

::Lulu thinks about what she's said. Ever since she and Trace had gone home to pick up the girls she's been terribly homesick. The main reason she's stayed in Malibu was so Alex could be close to Jamie, but with his recent disappearing act, and a tour imminent, why stay here?

Oh...of course, a new husband, a new life.

Maybe he'll have to do some relocating, there are lots of ranches in Ontario, even if the weather conditions are a little more extreme.

Lu sighs...life is complicated. Life sucks. Life isn't fair.

What should she do? How can she make everyone happy, and still be happy herself?

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