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bone_daddy_aj [userpic]

::Feels the helicopter bump as it lands, finally opening his eyes, and removing his sweaty hand from Libby's, wiping it on his jean-clad leg..:: Thank God. Solid Ground...

::He turns his gaze to Libby, who not only has been tending him, but is now unbuckling Jamie from his car seat, next to her..:: I think I'm gonna hurl...James, how do you feel? Okay, buddy?

::Jamies gurgles, and AJ shrugs and climbs out, grabbing both their bags and hurying away from the helicoptor..Finally the three of them are on their way up the path to the house, his green pallor slowly fading to a more natural shade..::

::Krissy pours a glass of wine for herself, and one for Kevin. Looking up at the clock she mentally calculates what time it is in California, and sighs.

Padding across the plush carpet in her bare feet, she joins Kevin on the balcony. He's been standing there in the dark for the longest time, simply watching the lights of the city and listening to the sounds of the traffic far below::

Here, baby.

nick_muse [userpic]

Damn, this place is incredible! I knew it would be awesome just from hearing Howie talk about it, but I had no idea.

::coming back from a leisurely stroll down the beach, Nick and Darcy walk hand in hand toward the main house. Most everyone is there already, and the front porch swing and steps seem to be where everyone has gathered. A tray of ice cold tea is on a side table, and several bowls of assorted chips and things are paced strategically around::


This is a friendly note to those of you who read this community, but are not active players. In the next posts, we are jumping ahead several months in time in a sad pathetic feverish earnest attempt to get back to real time, or as close as we can. Face it, we could rp every minute of every day and still have things left undone. So, we had a little meeting of the minds and decided to take a leap of faith and just do it.

In this community, we are jumping ahead to the group meeting on the island, and from there to June.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you're having as much fun reading as we are writing!

Admin. Lady

bone_daddy_aj [userpic]

Hey baby, its me. I really miss you... but thanks for giving me some time with the twins, they needed a little TLC. My whole body aches, 'specially the knee, from moving Nick and Darcy's shit, :: and probably from that little tryst outside with Emilio...:: I'm getting old.. you sure you want an old bald geezer?

::he chuckles softly and sings:: When I grow older, losing my hair...many YEARS from now???? Will you still need me, will you still feed me, when I'm sixty four?

Love you, baby. If you're tired, you dont have to call back tonight. But if I dont see you tomorrow, I'll die.. night, sweetheart.

i_m_lulu [userpic]

::Lulu opens her eyes, and immediately moves her arm to make sure Jamie is still with her. She looks over at her baby, and smiles. He's on his tummy, his little bottom stuck up in the air, and his thumb has slipped out of his mouth but is in close range for a quick gratification fix if he needs it::

She sit's up slowly, wondering why it's so quiet in the house, stands, and bends over to pick Jamie up. He doesn't wake so she carries him into his room, and places him gently into his crib. His little thumb pops back into his mouth, but he stays asleep, so she pats his padded bum, covers him with his blanket, and tiptoes out of the room, and down the hall.

There's no one around.

She peeks outside...no one. She makes a quick sweep of the other rooms, including the girl's bedroom...no one.

This is odd, there's no way Angi, and Mari would have gone anywhere with Trace. It's not like he could have tempted them with ice cream.

Lu laughs to herself, goes back to the kitchen to get a snack, and a glass of wine, and settles on the big sofa with the remote::

They'll all turn up eventually. ::She thinks, blissfully unaware of the drama unfolding down the hill::

Brian [userpic]

::brings out a couple of beers and sits down next to Maddie, trying not to stare as a drop of water trails down between her breasts, disappearing into her bikini top as she squeezes her hair dry from the dip they've just taken in Nick and Darcy's pool:: Wonder if the drop'll come out the other side...hell - what's wrong with me!?

::plasters on a cool, collected smile and hands her the bottle::

Looks like Nick and Darcy picked a good one, huh? ::sits back takes a long, refreshing drink:: This place is stunning...::rolls his head to the side, taking her in yet again:: Kinda like you...

kevvy_kev [userpic]

Hey, Bri, it's me, and I'm in New York with Krissy, and I really need to talk to you. Give me a call back when you've got a minute, 'kay? Thanks.

::Mari and her sister throw their bags into their bedroom, and run back down to the kitchen. Grabbing cans of Coke, they each kiss Jamie's head as they pass him, and politely ignore Lu and Trace as they quickly make their way outside to the chairs on the patio.

Mom has had a little talk to them, and let them know, in no uncertain terms, that bad manners were not going to be accepted, and that if they wanted to continue living the good life they would shed their attitudes like a snake sheds its skin, and behave with the appropriate manners to their new step-father!

The twins had agreed with their mother, rolling their eyes behind her back, and continued their little game of 'How much can we get away with'.

Once safely out of earshot, Mari pulls out her cell phone, the one that AJ bought her, and clicks AJ's number. There's no response, so she leaves a quick voicemail::

Hey, AJ, it's us, we're back. Can we come to see you? We're gonna just walk down the hill, and come to your place, and if you're not home we'll visit Gramma Denise, okay? We really need to talk to you, okay? Thanks, AJ, bye.

::Mari closes her cell phone, looks at her sister, and grabs her hand to quickly sneak around to the front of the house, and out the front yard to run down the road to AJ's house::

nick_muse [userpic]

Okay ... I know you guys can't wait to help out, but seriously ... if you all come, we'll feed you, you can try out the new pool, and we'll be done that much faster. Okay?

Tomorrow morning, bright and early, just show up here and I'll have maps to the new house for everyone.

Thanks guys!

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